For those of you fresh to my blog, my name is Joel Macfarlane and I’m CEO of Team Effect and CIO of The Deal.

As for my background I started programming when I was 8 years old and haven’t really ever stopped. I’ve also worked as a variety of other things like graphic designer, 3d animator and even a mechanic for 6 months. In my IT career I have had 10+ years experience enjoying the challenging and often misunderstood area of software development management.

Most recently I started built up and sold out of a software company producing enterprise level business management software. Running a successful software company is an amazing space to be. The challenge is the management of the many disparate disciplines which have to live together to create a successful company. This is what gets me out of bed each morning.

On a daily basis I find myself working on as a CEO, development manager, software designer, sales, CIO, graphic designer, marketer or the many other hats one needs to jump into to make a software company fly.

Team Effect is my current venture into online software. It’s a new style of Online Project Management Software. Visual and interactive, it pushes the web to its limits to offer click and drag project plans and supporting collaboration.

In this blog I will discuss my thoughts and ideas on running successful software companies while making great software.