Coolest Futuristic Products – (I want to own)

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Off Topic

Icon A5 Recreational Plane
Forget having a trailer boat when you can have a trailer plane for a little bit more. This is like a car for the sky. No pilot’s license needed.

Flying Hover Craft
Invented by a Kiwi this backyard invention is for sale on Trademe. An average boating trip contains at least an hour of banging around over waves to get to the good spots. Fly there instead!

Tesla Model S
If mainstream car companies won’t step up and produce sexy electric cars they will fail and new companies will create what consumers want. Tesla cars are faster than your average Ferrari, quiet and eco friendly. They are also cheap to run and have great range. Are the large car companies sleeping or what?

Tesla Model S Part 1: A greener automotive future

Tesla Model S Part 2: Pure Electric Power

Gyrocopters look like helicopters but are in fact closer to planes because the blades are unpowered. The blades spin due to forward momentum. This makes them safer than a plane at low speeds and allows them to take off in short spaces. For the price of a second car you could fly to your holiday house.

Remote control Fighter Jet
I’ve never really wanted a remote control plane but a remote control fighter jet with real jets gets my nod.

Dolpin Sub
Personal Submarine in the shape of a dolphin.


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